Agriculture inputs supply chain for efficiency and trust

Powered with blockchain

What we do?

AgriChain is supply chain network for agriculture inputs industry powered by blockchain. It is an integrated platform for farmers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers to ensure seamless integration with each other. It helps digitize the supply chain and helps in tracking data for the product throughout the network. It uses power of technology to make data sharing possible among players who have conflicting interest in the supply chain.


Automating Purchase Process

Onces conditions agreed upon by users are met, blockchain smart contracts execute the transactions

Secure Supply Chain

Transactions carried out on blockchains are encrypted, making it impossible to forge data.

Faster Transaction Flow

With smart contracts, transactions validations times are reduced which results in virtually real-time management of flows and relationships with business partners

Detection & Prevention of Frauds

Smart contracts can help you detect fraud by identifying problems from the very start of the transaction

Ensuring Integral Traceability

Blockchains ensure the traceability of flows and goods by recording all transactions made by users. These records are indestructible and constitute a tamper-proof evidence that guarantees the integrity of information.

Streamlining Internal Documents

The validity of information shared among partners prevents the creation of multiple versions of a document. Each party involved in the transaction thus has access to the same data.


Ruchit Rami

Co. Founder & CEO

Deepak Pareek

Co. Founder & Chief Mentor